Hard Disk Eraser

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Main Features

  Freeware Professional

Parallel erasing of multiple disks at the same time, independent erase sessions

for 2 disks for 2+ disks

Erasing disks with One Pass Zeros sanitizing standard

Support for more than 20 international erasing standards including US DoD 5220.22 M and User Defined erase method

Command Line parameters used in scripting allow to automate erase procedures (Batch Mode)

Certificates can be customized with company's logo & comments can be easily added to certificates for each session

Included Windows-based boot disk supporting UEFI secure boot on x64 systems

User defined erase method can specify custom pattern for each pass using even hexadecimal (HEX) values


Ability to send e-mail reports via pre-configured FREE SMTP account at

Save Log & Shutdown PC option after erase completed

Fingerprint including sanitizing status can be placed to disk's first sector & displayed after boot up the disk

Displays information about all volumes, partitions, hard disks, external USB disks & Memory sards currently connected

Wipes out unused space on all disks completely by securely overwriting data on the physical level

Support for wiping out unused sectors on Apple HFS+, Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, Unix UFS/XFS/JFS & MS FAT/exFAT/NTFS file systems

Supports all possible I/O interfaces: IDE / USB / SATA / eSATA / SSD / SCSI disks, LUN / RAID disk arrays

Supports large-size disks (more than 4TB in size) & new disks having 4kb sector size

Built-in Hex Viewer allows to inspect raw disk's sectors: MBR, volume boot sectors, file system records & data file clusters

Very easy to use: intuitive user interface for beginners, as well as a powerful command line mode for advanced users

Supports fixed disks (HDD), Solid State Disks (SSD), Memory Cards and USB/USB3 external devices

Utility can be placed on a bootable disk and used from it. You do not even need to boot from the hard drive to erase it

Supports MBR and GPT (GUID Partition Table) style partitioning for wiping/erasing of volumes

Certificate can be displayed after erase/wipe completion and saved as PDF

Erases physical disks, partitions, logical drives & even unused disk space

Boot Disk Creator can pre-configure KillDisk startup process on the Boot Disk using Command Line parameters

Universal Boot Disk Creator prepares CD/DVD/BD/ISO/USB media for bootable Windows-based environment

Data verification can be performed after erasing is completed


Prints customizable Sticky Labels in different formats for HDDs/SSDs

Command Line Mode

The utility has a command line mode which can be used in custom scripts. It allows you even to start the erase procedure automatically without user's interaction (batch mode). By running the utility with parameters you can:

  • Start erasing of any particular disk or all detected disks
  • Specify one of more than twenty disk sanitizing methods to use
  • Store disk erase log & disk erase PDF certificates to a desired location
  • Write erase fingerprint to disk's first sector, shutdown PC after completion and much more...

This example shows how you can run the utility with command line parameters. It will automatically detect and erase all detected hard drives using DoD 5220.22 M data destruction method (3 passes) with no user interaction.

   > KillDisk –eraseallhdds -erasemethod=2 -noconfirmation 

If you've place this command to the bootable disk startup script (like "autoexec.bat") and insert the disk into the CD/USB drive, all you have to do to erase everything on the machine is Turn On the computer!

Active@ KillDisk Customizations

Our customization service allows you to request additional functions and features which we would be able to build in to the product. Such features can include anything from:

  • Customization to the boot menu
  • Custom erase methods
  • Include your logo in erasure logs/certificates
  • Customized erasure reports for additional fields/attributes as required

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