Version History

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Version History

Version Date Platform Changes
KillDisk v.11 Oct 25, 2017 Windows
  • Completely redesigned and greatly improved user interface
  • Improved visualization of physical disks and erase processes
  • Improved handling of disks with controller malfunctions
  • Stable handling of hot-swappable and dynamic disks
  • Sound notifications for completed erase jobs with different results
  • Auto hibernate or shut down the system after all jobs are completed
  • Enhanced certificates and reports for disk erase and wipe
  • Advanced Disk Viewer with flexible Search for low-level disk inspection
  • Customizable file names for certificates & XML reports
  • Unique Computer ID can be displayed in certificates/reports
  • Disk health - S.M.A.R.T. information can be displayed and monitored
  • Customizable look & feel: four different application styles included
  • Ultimate: contains now complete Linux Installation (instead of zipped archive)
  • Boot Disk: added basic networking & mapping network share
  • Boot Disk: upgraded to WinPE 10 with all the latest drivers & packages
  • Console: now supports both 64-bit UEFI Secure Boot and legacy x64 or x86 BIOS boot
  • Console: Secure Erase - low level ATA command for hardware erasing (Ultimate package)
KillDisk Industrial v.1.7 Jun 16, 2017 Linux
  • Detecting and resetting hidden areas (HPA/DCO)
  • Support LVM/LDM virtual devices
  • Redesigned Preferences dialog
  • A lot of bug fixes and stability improvements
v.10.2 May 5, 2017 Windows
Boot Disk
  • Added Australian ISM-6.2.92 erase method
  • Added option to store logs, reports & certificates to removable storage (USB disks)
  • Added support for Linux\Unix XFS & JFS file systems, browsing and wipe
  • Added module for software updates\rollbacks
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • New security includes product activations
KillDisk Industrial v.1.6, KillDisk Desktop v.1.6 Jan 18, 2017 Linux
  • Implemented a new Australian ISM-6.2.92 erase method
  • Enhanced handling of disks with controller malfunctions
  • Improvements in disk controller layout mapping
  • Improvements and bug fixes
KillDisk Industrial v.1.5 Nov 17, 2016 Linux
  • Auto-erase disk bay attribute;
  • Separate printers assignment to print certificate and erase labels;
  • Auto-print certificates and erase labels when erase job is complete;
  • Auto hibernate or shutdown system after all jobs are completed;
  • Added Australian ISM-6.2.92 erase methodTerminate process on selected bays in batch processing;
  • Sound notifications for completed, terminated jobs or jobs completed with errors;
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
KillDisk Industrial v.1.3 Sep 20, 2016 Linux
  • Parallel erasing of 100+ disks
  • Supports U.S. DoD erasure & dozens more
  • Examines disks for bad sectors
  • SMART monitor, file browser & Hex Viewer
  • Prints certificates, labels & reports
  • Customizable layouts & Batch operations
  • Disks/images cloning after erasure
KillDisk Desktop v.1.3 Aug 8, 2016 Linux on Custom Hardware Box
  • Automatically erases up to 5 disks
  • Supports U.S. DoD erasure & dozens more
  • Examines disks for bad sectors
  • SMART monitor, file browser & Hex Viewer
  • Prints certificates, labels & reports
  • Full system control via buttons & LCM panel
v.10.1 Mar 25, 2016 Windows
  • Added option of excluding System Volumes from displaying under Local Devices
  • Improved plug'n'play performance under load
  • Improved Windows Logical Disk Manager (LDM) support for nested volumes
  • Added support for Linux/Unix XFS file system
  • Added support for Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) partitioning
  • Active@ LiveCD improved and switched to 64-bit (x64) architecture
v.10 Oct 14, 2015 Windows
  • Network shares mapping/reconnecting for storing logs & certificates
  • Detection, displaying and resetting disk hidden areas (HPA/DCO), erasing disk hidden zones
  • Improved Boot Disk Creator allows to initialize un-partitioned or damaged USB Flash disks
  • Active@ Boot Disk switched to WinPE 5.1 64-bit (x64), performs faster & optimizes RAM usage
  • Active@ Boot Disk: boots the latest UEFI Secure Boot systems & legacy BIOS MBR PC
  • Active@ LiveCD: new drivers & SMART monitor
v.9.2 Mar 17, 2015 Windows
  • Added progress display for the taskbar icon
  • Certificate display & save now available after first job completion
  • Improved handling of errors for failed hard disks
  • Professional versions: improved Active@ LiveCD & more drivers added
v.9.1 Nov 11, 2014 Windows
  • Improved parallel disks erasing performance
  • Added options to exclude removable or fixed disks from batches
  • Added option to stop erasing process after specific number of writing errors encountered
  • New device drivers added to BootDisk & LiveCD
  • Support for HP Smart Array Cards added to LiveCD & Console
  • Improved plug’n’play hardware detection & solved registration issues in Console
  • Added configuration of command line params & INI settings in ISOtoUSB for Console
v.9 May 28, 2014 Windows
  • New Ultimate package includes DOS, Windows, Linux & Console targets
  • New Linux packages contain 32-bit & 64-bit Linux & Console targets
  • Linux-based boot disk (LiveCD) supports UEFI secure boot on x86 & x64 systems
  • Improved Boot Disk Creator allows to setup command line parameters for KillDisk startup
  • Linux Console (text mode) boot disk is now included in Windows package
  • Redesigned and improved user interface
  • Added option to write fingerprint to the first disk sector
  • Comments for the erase session can be easily added to the certificate
  • Default logo can be removed from the certificate
  • Non-blocking erase mode allows to work in parallel erase/wipe sessions
  • Added new Department of Energy (DoE M 205.1-2) and Canadian CSEC ITSG-06 erase methods
  • Allowed to specify ASCII or HEX overwrite pattern for each pass in User Defined erase method
v.8 March 4, 2014 Console
  • The most compact and fastest disk eraser
  • Support true parallel erasing of several disks
  • Tiny (1.5MB) Linux Console stand-alone executable without of any dependencies
  • Includes ISO and USB boot disk creators for Windows & Linux hosts
  • Includes documentation
January 2, 2014 Windows
  • Added 64-bit executable to perform faster on x64 platforms
  • Latest Boot Disk Creator, including localization & memory testing options
  • Added log export option to XML format
  • Added return (exit) codes for executable running from command prompt
  • Added command line switch (-ns) to block user interaction while erase is in progress
  • Minor improvements...
August 1, 2013 Windows
  • Added 3 new NIST 800-88 erase methods
  • New application style: light colors scheme & new icons
  • Default method can be defined in INI file to get HDD serial
  • Certificate logo now can be added in JPEG format
  • Minor improvements...
March 20, 2013 Windows
  • PDF certificates can be attached to e-mail notifications
  • Improved Wipe for corrupted volumes (when disk integrity check fails)
  • E-mail notifications now have LOG files attached
  • New lightweight installer
  • Minor UI & Kernel improvements
  • Disk Serial Number (S/N) display problem fixed
  • Added Verify Disk S/N' Dialog - to change Disk Serial
  • Active@ Boot Disk Lite improvements:
    - Added pre-configuration of Network & Security features
    - Added WMI & Scripting support
    - Driver's Pack for Mass Storage, USB3 & Network devices
March 11, 2013 Windows
  • New lightweight installer
  • Disk Serial Number (S/N) problem fixed
  • New 'Verify Disk S/N' Dialog
  • Labels for toolbar buttons
  • Minor UI & Kernel improvements
7.0.1 November 7, 2012 Windows
  • Parallel erasing/wiping of several disks at the same time
  • Erase\wipe speed has been significantly increased
  • Support for previewing and wiping Apple HFS+ and exFAT
  • Custom Logo & Info can be embedded into erase/wipe certificate
  • Enhanced Certificate look and functionality
  • Notifications and reports can be sent by e-mail
  • Ability to send e-mail reports via pre-configured FREE SMTP account
  • Universal Boot Disk Creator for CD/DVD/USB for Windows & DOS
  • Professional version includes the latest Active@ Boot Disk 6 Lite
  • Settings stored in portable INI text file instead of local Registry
  • Save Log & Shutdown PC option after erase completed
  • Re-designed User Interface
Beta 7
November 2, 2012 Windows
  • Custom Certificate Look improved
  • Wipe/Erase disk lock problems resolved
  • Completed User Guide
  • Minor defects fixed
Beta 6
October 26, 2012 Windows
  • Improved wipe performance and disks locks
  • Improved execution under Boot Disk environment
  • Added ability to send e-mail reports via FREE SMTP account
  • Fixed Dynamic Disks (LDM) erasing errors
  • Fixed many UI and kernel bugs and defects
Beta 3
October 16, 2012 Windows
  • Added Shutdown PC option after erase completed
  • Improved Batch Mode and Log File functionality
  • Settings now stored in and can be loaded from INI file
  • Many Kernel & GUI fixes and improvements
Beta 2
October 3, 2012 Windows
  • Fixed:
    - Parallel erase speed increased
    - Wipe of file slack space and directories - speed increased
    - GUI defects fixed, Kernel updated
September 10, 2012 Windows
  • Parallel erasing/wiping of several disks
  • Support for wiping Apple HFS+ & Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4
  • Company Logo & Technician Info can be included into erase certificate
  • Notifications can be sent by e-mail
  • Re-designed User Interface
  • Existing customers may use version 6 registration keys to activate Pro edition features
6.0 March 14, 2012 Windows
  • New features: Erasing/Wiping Certificate can be displayed after completion for printing;
  • Erasing/Wiping Certificate can be saved as a PDF;
  • Progress bar improved to display current pass and overall status;
  • Progress now shows elapsed time and estimated time to completion;
  • If several drives are selected to be erased, queue progress is displayed;
  • Log filename and path can be specified in settings;
  • Log is improved to display details for each pass and verification;
  • Progress now shows elapsed time and estimated time to completion;
  • Session Log can be viewed while erasing/wiping is in progress;
  • Command line options added to support certificate and log file options.
5.5 August 23, 2011 Windows
  • New universal Boot Disk Creator for DOS and Windows for all types of media
  • Boot Disk Creator allows customizing bootable media features and boot options
  • Windows Boot Disk is based on Windows 7 SP1 and includes new drivers and utilities
  • Included Boot Disk for Windows documentation
  • New InstallShield-based installation
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in the software
5.2 May 01, 2010 Windows
  • The version supports 17 security standards from various countries including: Bruce Schneier's algorithm, Canadian OPS-II, DoD 5220.22 M, Gutmann's algorithm and many more.
4.1 March 07, 2007 Windows
  • New disk wipe function wipes out all unused space on existing drives, not touching existing data. Package now includes additional a real-mode application which is more compatible with different types of hardware and more compact in size.

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